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Sync Your Patients to TrustDrivenCare

Contact Sync with Jane App™

A way to keep you patient data up to date between Trust Driven Care and your Jane App™ practice by browser plug-in.

Experience Your Clinic Stats Like Never Before

We automatically sync your patients, appointments, sales, compensation and other reports for you, we just make life easier!

Tired of Manual Syncing and Inefficient Patient Communication?

  • Manual Data Entry

  • Poor Communication

  • Time-consuming Processes

  • Inaccurate Reporting

  • Oblivious where your clinic could improve

  • Patient Lifetime Customer Value

  • Recency, Frequency, Monetary scores for each patient

  • Clinic, Patient, Sales, Staff leadership dashboard Reporting


Your All-in-One Clinic Management Solution

Sync Jane App™ Patients

and Appointments

2-Way Communication with Trust Driven Care

Automated Appointment Reminders


Reporting Tools

Innovating Clinic Management

First of Its Kind - Seamless Data Transfer for Jane App™

We sync your most vital clinic stats and present it to you in an easy bite size dose, you can also filter your entire clinics stats with a few short clicks!

How Elevates

Your Entire Clinic & Staff

How Elevates Your Entire Clinic & Staff

  • Save Time and Reduce Manual Work

  • Enhance Patient Communication and Trust

  • Streamline Clinic Operations

  • Focus More on Patient Care, Less on Administration

  • Shows your clinics stats you didn't know you had

  • Easy reporting and filtering just about everything

  • Easy filtering on patients, staff members, and sales

We Have A System

To Run Your ENTIRE Clinic

From The Palm Of Your Hand

Aren't you tired of have a bunch of different software accounts and having to manage all of that?

We were too, and that's why we built TrustDrivenCare, the parent company of!

Oh, and I forgot to say we also have a mobile app to manage almost everything!

  • Automated appointment reminder system that allows for 2-way text messages

  • Syncing your appointments from Jane App™ to our system

  • Manage all communications from Facebook Messenger, SMS, Google My Business, emails, all in one place

  • Automated missed call back, a 24/7 AI assistant that monitors all messages, replies to questions and schedules your calls for you

  • Manage forms, funnels, surveys, and even manage a website, blog and communities

  • Request a review with a click of a button, and only if they had a positive visit

  • You can now schedule posts and post them to all your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, TikTok

  • We also have opportunity and pipelines, we can automate and even message your staff on reminders to follow-up with potential leads

and there's a lot more features, we got you covered with by TrustDrivenCare.

What Clinic Owners Have to Say

"I had to let you know how much has transformed our clinic's operations. We're finally done with the headache of manual syncing, and our patient communication has never been better. The direct integration with Jane App™ is a game-changer - it's like everything updates in real-time. Plus, the automated reminders are a hit with our patients, especially when we can reply back with 2-way texting. Definitely a major upgrade for us!"

"Josh, you won't believe the difference has made for us. It's like our clinic got a tech upgrade overnight. Syncing patients and appointments with Jane App™ couldn't be smoother, and our team is spending way less time on admin stuff. We've even noticed an improvement in how we communicate with our patients with our 2-way texting. Best decision we've made in a while!"

"Just dropping in to rave about! It's seriously made managing the clinic so much easier. No more juggling different software or struggling with manual entry. And the direct integration with Jane App™ keeps everything seamlessly updated. Our staff loves the easy access to clinic stats and reports - it's helped us focus on what really matters. Plus, managing everything from the TrustDrivenCare mobile app is a dream come true. Couldn't be happier with the switch!"

Ready Take Your Clinic

To The Next Level?

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