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$199/month Reporting will automatically sync all your Patients, Appointments, Sales, Compensation csv report and displays is beautifully with easy to follow charts and filtering. You'll also be able to manually sync your reports in-case you're in a hurry!

Separate SMS & Email Rates May Apply

2-Way Texting & Automatic Appointment Reminders by TrustDrivenCare

$597/month by TrustDrivenCare also includes the reporting feature, but it has 2-way texting, a mobile app to manage patients and appointments, staff member permissions management, automated missed call back automation, 24/7 AI Assistant that closes appointments, automatic appointment reminders via sms and email, and a lot more!

Separate SMS & Email Rates May Apply

Contact Sync with Jane App™

A way to keep you patient data up to date between Trust Driven Care and your Jane App™ practice by browser plug-in.

Experience Your Clinic Stats Like Never Before

We automatically sync your patients, appointments, sales, compensation and other reports for you, we just make life easier!

TrustDrivenCare Brings Immense Value To Your Clinic

See how much you'll be on cutting down on time and money with all these different softwares with our all-in-one solution!

The TRUST System

Establish Two-Way Texting

  • Two-way text is the preferred and most efficient mode of communication for 98% of the population!

  • We establish communication with your past, current, and potential patients from various sources, such as Google, website chat, and missed phone calls.

  • BENEFIT: Texting is 5x more efficient than phone calls, so less staff required.

Systematize Your Office

  • Increase your profits and enhance your patient’s experience!

  • The TRUST System simplifies new patient intake, running Facebook ads, securing Google reviews  

  • BENEFIT: Ensure that every patient has a great experience!

Unify your Conversation Streams

  • Our system streamlines patient communication across platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Email, and text messaging.

  • We eliminate the need to log onto multiple platforms which ensures that no potential patient or referral is missed!

  • We have a mobile app for convenience when you are on the go

  • BENEFIT: Eliminates the need to log in to multiple other platforms. Nobody gets missed.

Reactivate and Reconnect with your existing patients

  • Want to fill your schedule fast or launch a new service? We got you covered!

  • Reconnecting with your existing patients is the FASTEST way to get them booked and get your schedule filled.

  • The TRUST System has this built in!

  • BENEFIT: The easiest way to fill your schedule with paying patients

Take Pressure off the Provider!

  • We provide automations, templates, and a mobile app to ease your workload.

  • Healthcare teams can efficiently manage patient care and patients don’t realize the messages are automated

  • BENEFIT: Grow your income without working more hours!

Separate SMS & Email Rates May Apply

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